How to write an article optimized for SEO ?


How to write an article optimized for SEO ?

Writing an article optimized for SEO is very important to be visible on the search engine. For that you will need first to find content and write your text. Do not copy an an existing article, even by changing words, google will notice it and will penalise your content. The content of this article don’t have to be on the main them of your website, but has to respect your general theme. For example, if your website is about music, don’t write an article on design. Keep in mind that you need to give to your visitor an original and novel content.

The search engine are sensible to mispelling and to grammar faults. When you write your article, don’t forget to read it. You can in addition use a software that will help you to see the mispelling and grammar faults.

Organisation of your article


Choose the keyword(s) of your article wisely, they are very important and will help you to be in the top results of search engine. Some tools exists to check what would be the best keyword to use : Google Trend. This tool will allow you you to compare your keyword with others synonyms and you will choose the best one.

Google Trend In this example, I have compared the keywords “Music production” and “Music producer”. As you can see, the keyword Music production is more searched than Music producer. So if you have to write an article talking avec this topic, you would choose the keyword “Music Production”.

I would suggest that you use this tool every time you want to write an article to define the best keyword to use.


Title of the article

The title has to contain the keyword chosen. In the previous example, we saw that if we want to write an article talking about music production, we would choose the keyword “Music Production’. The title of your article could be for example : What is the music production ?


The permalink is the URL of your article. For search engine, each article is like a page and has his own URL. So be sure that the permalink of your article contain your keyword.

Density of the keyword

When you write an article, it’s not only about finding a keyword. You need also to use this keyword in your article. We saw in the previous paragraph that you need to use the keyword in the title and in the permalink but that is not enough. You need also to use it in the body of the article. But use it wisely : don’t loose the the visitors that is not what we want. We need to find a balance that will help the robots to scan your page, and to don’t loose the visitor.

When you write your article, the keyword need to appear several time and if possible decline it. You can also use some synonym.


Your article need to contain image(s) to illustrate your text. The image need to have the alt tag filled. That is very important for the SEO. The search engine can’t read the image but they can read the alt tag !