Why a website is important ?

Site Internet

Today, having a website became mandatory for each compagny. However, some are still reticent about it. In this article i will try to give you the main reasons on why a website is important to develop your business.

    • Shop open 24h/24, 7d/7

A website is a showcase of your activity and can also allow you to sell your products. One of the best advantage of a website, is that it is always available. The visitors and future clients can visit your website at every moment of the day and take information on your campaign and buy your products.

    • Long term profitable investment

Owning your website has a cost, but this cost is cheaper than advertisement on paper or oral (radio, TV).

In contrary of those other supports, a website is dynamic and always available. The future clients, can come often to check your news and new products.
Furthermore, some tools exist to measure the return on the investment which is something you can’t do on another support.

    • Interaction with your future clients

A website will allow you to interact easily with your customers.
Your clients will give a feedback on your products and services and you will be able to reply them and use their testimonial to value your image.

    • Attract new clients

A website is a marketing tool that will help you to find new clients. Today, before any purchase or before asking any service, most of the persons are going on Internet and are trying to find the more information they can get on the company and on the products.A website with a good SEO can help you to transform visitors in clients.

    • Help you to do some specific task

A website can help you to gain some times on task you are doing every days in your activity (examples : booking, manage planning, ecommerce, …)